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The project is among the 15 selected by the Commission for 2018, European Year of Cultural Heritage.

Ancient vessels by Noemi Amadori

you(r) archaeology: Children’s works

What is archaeology? An adventure? A hassle? Many people replied to the question asked by the European competition with a painting, a photo or a video. Among 328 works 41 comes from little european citizens.

“You(r) Archaeology” international competition: the winners

328 works from all around Europe entered the international competition of NEARCH project. Here is the list of the winners.

8 October 2015, International conference "The Creative Museum"

The conference is organised within the framework of the EU funded project “Creative Museum” which explores the potential of digital technologies to find new ways of interpreting museum collections.

you(r) Archaeology potraying the past

Up until august 23rd 2015, all European citizens can answer the question and tell us about their idea of archaeology by entering a drawing, painting, photo or video in the European competition “You(r) Archaeology”.


Conference: Medi@tando

The conference is a meeting point for researchers, healthcare workers, educators and teachers working or doing research in fields such as schools, industries and associations within public or private institutions. The conference will deal with strategic issues to develop media education in Italy: skills, innovation in practices and methodologies, sharing of experiences, redefining the goals and possibilities of the Italian media education.

Next workshop of the CEC Project

The workshop, organised by CLUE (Research Institute for the Heritage and History of Cultural Landscape and Urban Environment) will be held at the VU University Amsterdam (De Boelelaan 1105, 1081 HV Amsterdam). Partners will exchange updates about tasks they are currently developing.

The Manchester Museum

4rd Conference of the LEM Project

Under the theme "Adult Learning: making a difference through partnership" the 4rd International Conference of the LEM Project will explore how new partnerships between cultural venues, health authorities, economic regeneration and formal learning providers can be a model to raise the quality of adult learning provision and sustainability.

View of Bologna, IT

Final Conference of the LEM Project

The overall objective of the event - which in the first place is meant to be a meeting place to facilitate networking and develop further collaborations at European level - is to disseminate the outcomes of the project and share the knowledge developed, as well as to give participants an opportunity to compare experiences and exchange ideas with colleagues from all over Europe.

Nijmegen, NL

Next meeting of the CEC Project in Nijmegen (NL)

IBC as partner of the CEC Project will attend the next meeting in Nijmegen on November 14-16. During the meeting each working group will do a presentation about the ‘status questionis’ of the working group, and about the work done since the last meeting in Prague (May 2012). After the partners meeting a Symposium will follow dedicated to "Het Valkhof - 2000 years of history".


Active Seniors Learn, Educate, Communicate and Transmit

The international seminar “Empowerment and senior participation in learning” is addressed to cultural managers, operators and professionals, to trainers, adult educators and learning facilitators, to researchers in the field of education, to seniors and professionals working with seniors, and last but not least, to policy-makers from the fields of education, culture and social affairs.

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