NEARCH project selected by European Commission as best practice

The project is among the 15 selected by the Commission for 2018, European Year of Cultural Heritage.

The Commission has decided to promote, in the framework of the European Year of Cultural Heritage, 15 best practice projects in the field: NEARCH is one of them. Among the project activities Your’s archaeology competition and Archaeology&ME exhibition, first seen at National Archaeological Museum in Rome; the second venue was in Maastricht, The Netherlands. Archaeology&ME will continue the tour around Europe until June, deadline of the European project.
Connecting people to their past: the Nearch project is bringing archaeology into the 21st century through achieving a better understanding of people’s relationship with heritage and the past“: this is why the European Commission selected our project, as you can read in the attached leaflet (see pages 26 and 27)

Creative Europe: rediscovering our cultural heritage

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