Increasing awareness about museums in the Adriatic region and creating innovative solutions to make available for those working in the cultural sphere, museums and all other cultural institutes - in order to attract ever more visitors - is the aim of the cooperation project AdriaMuse, funded by the IPA Adriatic Cross Border Cooperation Project 2007-2013 and presented in the launch conference in Cattolica.

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Adriamuse wants to find new ways to support cultural tourism along both sides of the Adriatic Sea. The intention is to market coastal realities through innovative events and new forms of museums experiences that allow decision-makers and tourist operators to better meet the diverse visitor expectations.
Adriamuse will design maritime heritage trails interconnecting manifold curiosities, cultural artefacts, archaeological sites, seaports, lighthouses, songs, ultra centenarian fish shops, seasonal trading fairs, restaurants and what ever refers to coastal and maritime heritage. New conceptual approaches for museum out-door events “beyond its walls” will be tested to attract visitors that generally do not enter museums.
Museums and galleries indeed, will play a major role in the event creation and management due to their know-how in preserving, documenting and showing the life of communities for whom the sea has been an essential lifeline and source of food over centuries.
The project aims to foster museum awareness by being part of the

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Servizio biblioteche, archivi, musei e beni culturali - P.E.C.
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Adriamuse is co-funded by the European Union, Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance, Adriatic IPA Programme. Its content does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the European Commission.

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