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Since 1983, Soprintendenza per i beni librari e documentari della Regione Emilia-Romagna has been the technical and scientific organisation in charge of the actions and activities aimed at preserving, cataloguing, enhancing and promoting books, libraries and archives.

Sala BorsaThere are about 1.300 libraries in Emilia-Romagna, totalling 20.000.000 books and an increasing number of “other” documents.
Among them, 467 are of local authorities and, in many cases, with old and strong traditions. In addition to their books, exceeding 12 million copies, the holdings of the historical archives of the municipalities should be considered and those of the cultural institutions and centres that are linked to the regional library system by agreement. As a general rule, the policy of the Regione is to view single libraries and archives as the tiles of an integrated system that gives users access to the whole of the resources that are available in our geographical area.

dorsi di registriAccording to by-law 18/2000, Soprintendenza supports the following activities: the development and quality of the cultural services offered by the library and archive organisation, with financial plans agreed every year with the Provinces and Municipalities; the protection of books and documents; the initiatives aiming at their conservation and restoration; the acquisition of collections of special historical and cultural interest; the coordination and monitoring of the library and archive systems and their network; the promotion of exhibitions, books and professional training; the inventory and classification in historical archives and collections of various nature; several surveys and on-line data-bases; the organisation of events and exhibitions; the cooperation with private libraries and archives; the participation to national and international projects.

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