Architectural and environmental heritage

The unit “Architectural and Environmental Heritage” brings together the factfinding and methodological experiences on the regional resources, accrued by the Institute since its foundation.

olmo It performs a supporting role to the local bodies for better understanding, conservation and valorisation of the architectural and natural heritage. It coordinates cultural, scientific, and organisational activities connected with inventory and classification, conservation and redevelopment of historical monuments, historic and contemporary architectonic structures, historic city centres, rural dwellings, urban and archaeological sites and settlements, objects which provide evidence of ancient material culture and historical industrial heritage, overseeing their insertion into the context for the purposes of protective conservation.
The unit provide technical and scientific assistance to implementation of regional laws on the topic and protourism for the architectural and environmental heritage, and for ancient material culture, also performing consulting services for conservation and protection activities, in conjunction with the other protection offices and research institutions. It ensures the conservation and enrichment of the document collections and formulates fact-finding methodologies to support the activities of promotion and preventative conservation, coordinating them with the European, Italian and regional planning offices.
motes cooperation with government protection organisations. It handles protection of monumental trees, formulates and manages proposal for understanding, protection and enhancement of the natural environment, the landscape and protected areas.
The unit takes part in projects promoted by the Region and local authorities, including in implementation of the EU projects, under the Regional Landscape Plan, with the parameters of environmental sustainability and taking an interdisciplinary approach.
It handles census-taking, dissemination and use of the historic cartography for territorial planning and produces theme-related maps in conjunction with the regional Geographic Information System service. The unit promotes the enhancement and promulgation of the research and databases, educational activities, and cultural

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