Catalogue of Emilia-Romagna’s cultural heritage

The Catalogue of Emilia-Romagna’s cultural heritage is an information system that pulls together and unifies the digital resources of the IBC Institute for Cultural, Natural, and Artistic Heritage and all its efforts to valorise, catalogue, preserve, and develop the regional network of museums and cultural collections.

Consulting the Catalogue provides an overview of the region’s cultural and historic heritage. A dense network of relations links and ties together the infinite ways in which cultural heritage manifests itself: a myriad of art forms and everyday objects, written documents and oral traditions, museums and contemporary art venues, which expand in space and time to the cutting edge of their respective fields.

Museums, historic theatres, contemporary art venues, and sites of cultural interest can all be explored along with the works of art, archaeological finds, historic material, and ethno-anthropological, historic, and scientific heritage contained therein.







Emilia-Romagna is home to almost 500 museums and related institutions, including historic and newly-established museums, outdoor museums, and museums focusing on private companies: all help document and re-enact the heritage of the leading figures of local and Italian history and culture. The catalogue is an indispensable tool for learning about their distribution, the unique features of their collections, their activities, and their visitor services.

Quality museums

list by class: Archaeology - Art - Art and archaeology - Composite - Ethnography and anthropology - History - Local territory - Science and natural history - Science and technology - Specialized 



An inventory of historic theatres, defined as buildings dating back to the 1930s or earlier. The catalogue lists over 90 such theatres, along with extensive technical, historical, and artistic information, and an image archive featuring about 3,600 black-and-white and colour images.

Historic theatres



The data base provides integrated access to all information on contemporary art venues in the region, with resources and services available on the web, locally and online: museums, galleries, art collections, foundations, art parks, urban sites, venues for art shows, exhibitions, awards, fairs, institutional organizations, academies, and young artists’ archives in all of Emilia-Romagna’s provinces.

List by subclass: Abstract art - Applied arts - Comic books - Conceptual art -Digital art - Electronic art - Extra-European art - Figurative art - Graphics  -  Informal art - Modern art (16th -19th centuries) - Object art - Objectual artPerformance art - Photography - Post-1950 contemporary art - Pre-1950 contemporary art (1900-1950) -   Public art - Sacred art -   Multimedia - Sculpture 



Presents the results of the regional survey of public buildings built in compliance with Law 7171 of 1949 and subsequent amendments, according to which 2% of spending for public buildings must be destined to funding works of art. From its initial implementation to the present, 158 public buildings have been surveyed, of which 149 still house the original work of art on their premises. Under construction.

List by subclass: Abstract art  - Conceptual art -Figurative art - Post 1950 contemporary art  -  Informal art  - Public art - Sacred art - Sculpture 


Map of the innumerable sites in the region which, in light of their history or deep local roots, host concentrations of cultural goods, even if unstructured. These include municipal and provincial art collections, patrimonies from charity and assistance agencies received by local health districts, churches and cemeteries, visitor centres, documentation centres, bath houses, and other sites.

nuclei e collezioni COLLECTIONS

The in-depth work behind cataloguing efforts has at times led to an examination of the dynamics underlying the establishment of multi-faceted museums and cultural institutes, in order to valorise particularly unique collections or parts thereof. This is the case for some museum sections dedicated to contemporary art, and for the survey of ethnographic collections held in the region’s museums.


Ethnographic collections 


Catalogue of cultural heritage

The wealth and diversity of the region’s cultural heritage come to the forefront when consulting the Catalogue and its categories.
About 70,000 historic and artistic items, including paintings, sculptures, installations, furniture and ornaments, musical instruments, puppets, marionettes and masks, weapons and armour, historic mementos, coins and medals, pottery and plaques, vestments, and textiles are listed, along with over 4,000 archaeological finds including inscriptions, stonework, bronze statuettes, domestic tools, metal instruments, pottery, mosaics, ornaments, and coins. Extensive ethno-anthropological documentation includes farming tools, tools used for arts and crafts and in manufacturing industries, everyday farmhouse objects and ornaments, and evidence of local economic and productive traditions. Finally, the catalogue lists a wealth of scientific and technological goods (clocks, balance scales, technical and scientific instruments) and natural history specimens (botanical, paleontological, zoological, and mineral) held in the region’s museums.


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Conservation of cultural heritage

Makes available material and documents on conservation efforts targeting the region’s cultural heritage (photos of the works before, during, and after restoration; information on their state of conservation; descriptions of the methodologies adopted) and allows for multiple search criteria (by geographic area, type of material, etc.)

banca dati restauroRESTORATION EFFORTS                                

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Complimentary information collected during cataloguing activities, including thousands of names and biographies of artists and authors who contributed to the region’s cultural heritage and an exhaustive series of bibliographic references and quotes related to individual cultural goods.

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