you(r) archaeology: Children’s works

What is archaeology? An adventure? A hassle? Many people replied to the question asked by the European competition with a painting, a photo or a video. Among 328 works 41 comes from little european citizens.
you(r) archaeology: Children’s works

Ancient vessels by Noemi Amadori

What is archaeology? An adventure? A hassle? The charm of yesterday, the charm of wonderful sites, the boredom of a dusty museum?

This was the question asked by the International competition "you(r) Archaeology", promoted and coordinated by IBC, as part of the NEARCH Project.

The competition was open to everyone, adults and children, living in Europe and/or with European nationality and was divided into three categories: photo, video and drawing/painting.

The section of the competition reserved for children up to 12 years old was the one to gather the most success: over 328 works coming from all over Europe (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, England, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain and Switzerland). The creativity of the young Europeans who participated represented, often accurately, scientific aspects of the archaeological discipline, such as excavations and stratigraphies.

After selection by the international jury, the winner of the children’s category, is 6 year old Italian Noemi Amadori. She participated to the competition with her painting "Ancient Vessels" which depicts 12 types of "antique vases". Thanks to her work, Noemi won a trip as well as the opportunity to exhibit her work, along with others from the competition in one of the most famous Italian archaeological museums: the Museum of Palazzo Massimo in Rome .

During the competition, children have shown to have clear ideas about what archaeology is. They are curious, passionate, imaginative painters, photographers and video makers who know how to easily manage technology in order to depict our heritage.

These are the videos presenting the recieved works:


play list you(r) archaeology children's artwork



english version

versione italiana



single video:

you(r) archaeology children's artwork, part 1



english version

versione italiana


you(r) archaeology children's artwork Part 2



english version

versione italiana



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