Next meeting of the CEC Project in Nijmegen (NL)

IBC as partner of the CEC Project will attend the next meeting in Nijmegen on November 14-16. During the meeting each working group will do a presentation about the ‘status questionis’ of the working group, and about the work done since the last meeting in Prague (May 2012). After the partners meeting a Symposium will follow dedicated to "Het Valkhof - 2000 years of history".
Next meeting of the CEC Project in Nijmegen (NL)

Nijmegen, NL

The Symposium will be held on November 16 at the Museum Het Valkhof and will deal with themes such as Archaeology, History, Art history and Heritage studies.

The programme

09.30 h Welcome with coffee and tea

10.00 h Welcome by drs. Hettie Peterse, project leader ‘Francia Media’ , Municipality of Nijmegen

10.05 h Introduction by prof. dr. Dolly Verhoeven, chairman of the day

10.15 h Drs. Harry van Enckevort & Drs. Jan Thijsssen - The Valkhof. From castellum to royal palace and castle

10.35 h Drs. Joep Hendriks - Nijmegen and Lent in the Merovingian period

10.55 h Drs. Arjan den Braven - Carolingian Nijmegen: the traces of a settlement in the Lower Town

11:15 h Coffee break

11.30 h Drs. Bert Thissen - The royal palace in Nijmegen, ca. 750- ca. 1250: Function and structure

12.00 h Dr. Elizabeth den Hartog - The chapel of St. Nicholas

12.30 h Lunch, museum visit (optional)

13.45 h Drs. Michel Groothedde - The palatinate of Zutphen, a princely alternative for the palatinate of Nijmegen destroyed in1047?

14.15 h Drs. Dirk Callebaut - The Francia Media project ‘Cradles of European Culture’: searching for the roots of European unity and diversity in the 21st century

14.45 h Coffee break

15.00 h Linde Egberts MA - The Valkhof in the context of regional histories and identities

15.30 h Drs. Louis Swinkels - ‘Julius Caesar was the founder of this castle’. The earliest history of The Valkhof in late medieval and early modern thought

16.00 h Discussion and conclusion by prof. dr. Dolly Verhoeven

16.30 h Reception


For futher information about the Symposium, please contact Ruth Klein

For further information about the CEC project, please contact Maria Pia Guermandi 


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