Active Seniors Learn, Educate, Communicate and Transmit

The international seminar “Empowerment and senior participation in learning” is addressed to cultural managers, operators and professionals, to trainers, adult educators and learning facilitators, to researchers in the field of education, to seniors and professionals working with seniors, and last but not least, to policy-makers from the fields of education, culture and social affairs.
Active Seniors Learn, Educate, Communicate and Transmit


Within the project ASLECT Active Seniors Learn, Educate, Communicate and Transmit, the event will take place in Bologna, on September 24, 2012.

The event will be structured in a morning session, where the transfer of knowledge and expertise will take place, and an afternoon practical session analysing the impact and point of view of beneficiaries: learning experts will share their skills and practice, and a study visit will give the opportunity for a closer view on local practices.

In the European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations, individuals and institutions alike are called to support active ageing and to acknowledge the contribution that seniors can make to society. When it comes to the learning and education of seniors, what better place could be for this than cultural organisations – museums, libraries, performing arts organisations, cultural centres? Cultural operators can play a larger role in supporting older peoples participation in society, creating opportunities for seniors to learn, but also to educate and further transmit their knowledge and experience. The seminar will offer the possibility to present examples of good practices in terms of seniors’ involvement and participation to education and culture, to debate over the role of the various stakeholders of this process, and to propose solutions for strengthening the capacity of cultural operators to act as learning facilitators for seniors and society.

The Learning Museum project and the research group “Museums and the ageing population”  will be presented by Margherita Sani and Valentina Galloni from IBC.

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